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Inside your home:

  • Seal all cracked windows, loose screens, or drafty doors.
  • Keep the kitchen area clean and free from spills and crumbs.
  • Remove unfinished pet food promptly and clean the area thoroughly.
  • Check under sinks and in the basement for leaks and damp areas where destructive pests such as carpenter ants, termites, and rodents may harbor.
  • Make sure your garbage cans are clean and emptied frequently.

Outside your home:

  • Clean up yard waste and grass clippings. They provide shelter for many pests and insects.
  • Store garbage cans with tightly fitted lids. If the cans are stored inside the garage, ensure the lids cannot be removed easily.
  • Do not store firewood inside the garage.
  • Inspect the outside of your home for entry points such as soffits and gutters where bees, birds, and wildlife can live or nest.

Below are some of the most common pests and wildlife animals that we are called upon to treat. Never take matters into your own hands when dealing with pests and wildlife. Our technicians are trained to safely treat and remove them from your home or business.

Pest Control

Mosquitos can spread dangerous diseases such as West Nile Virus, Zika Virus and Malaria. Proper treatment to eliminate mosquitoes create a happy and healthy outdoor environment for family and friends.

Ticks are dangerous to both people and pets. Treatment for ticks should be more than lawn treatment. Ticks leave the lawn in the heat of the summer and survive in the brush and bushes surrounding your yard.

Fleas are industrious and survivors. They can lay upwards of 50 eggs per day. Treatment goes beyond a flea bath for your pet. Your home should be treated before the pet returns home. Fleas also carry disease and can cause illness.

Bedbugs are a pest that feed off human blood. They can enter your home tagging along on luggage or a gym bag. Bed bugs leave humans with red, itchy bites. They infest your home at a rapid rate. It takes more than washing linens in hot water to eradicate them.

Cockroaches are pests that are highly adaptable and strong. Cockroaches leave behind droppings that look like soil or coffee grounds. These traces are commonly found near bathrooms, kitchens and damp basements or attics. They breed disease.

Bees and Wasps may present a danger to your family but a benefit to your yard and flowers. Before you spray, contact us and we can discuss the best ways to keep you and your family safe, and nature in balance.

Stink bugs appear in the spring stay as unwelcomed guests until the frost. They do not harm people or pests, but they are very annoying. An exterior treatment can help reduce the appearance of stink bugs.

Ants & Carpenter Ants cause damage to your home. Treating ants found in your kitchen can be simple but carpenter ants destroy your home and business structures. If you see them in your home or business, please contact us. Spraying alone will not get rid of carpenter ants.

Termites are often discovered when a homeowner is renovating or during demolition, termites are found. They are tenacious and destructive. Even after removal, they can return. Termite treatment packages are available to ensure termites do not return to cause more damage.


Bats can gain entry to your home easily and quickly. If you hear a noise in the attic, it can be a group of bats. Outside, they are voracious feeders of mosquitos and insects. Inside your home or attic, they are dangerous. Their droppings, or guano, can leave behind disease and infection. They are truly nocturnal, and you may see them rapidly flying at dawn and dusk.

Rodents including mice and rats leave behind filth and disease. They travel easily from outdoors to inside your home, through cracks and in between the walls. If you hear the familiar sound of a scampering noise in the attic, you need to call us. When moving through your home rodents bring disease to floors, counters, and inside your walls. Trapping is effective yet finding the entry points into your home is critical.

Squirrels and chipmunks love a nice warm attic in the winter, and a cool indoor space in the summer. They are chewers and can gnaw through wiring and insulation presenting damages that can result in structural decay or fire.

Moles & Opossums are diggers and although menacing in appearance can be beneficial to your yard and garden. However, they are not welcome guests. We offer humane methods of removal.

Raccoons may have found a home under your house or shed or discovered entry inside your home. They are known to carry disease and rabies. Do not attempt to catch or trap a raccoon. Contact us for an inspection.

Skunks can also live under your home or shed, and we all know what happens when they are threatened! We offer humane options for skunk removal.

Birds such as pigeons, woodpeckers, and sparrows enter your attic and nest. Bird droppings carry disease and can cause illness and respiratory problems. Nesting in your insulation requires removal and sterilization to ensure all traces of disease have been removed.

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